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CE China

廣州電子消費品及家電品牌展(CE China),作為全球最大的消費電子展IFA的全球活動之一

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關于2021年廣州國際電子消費品及家電品牌展(CE China 2021)取消舉辦的通知

原定于2021916日至18日舉辦的廣州國際電子消費品及家電品牌展(CE China 2021)將取消舉辦。由于國際新冠病毒疫情一直持續,國際旅行仍然受到嚴重的限制。亞洲近期出現的新冠肺炎病例,對國際和中國企業參加國際貿易展帶來了更多不確定性。

“當然,對主辦方來說這是一個很艱難和遺憾的決定。展會的確得到了很多積極的反饋,特別是國際企業十分期待在CE China上展示它們最新的產品和服務?!?,IFA執行董事兼CE China主席Jens Heithecker說。確實,擁有10個德國知名品牌的德國展團已經成為2021CE China的一部分。

CE China團隊感謝所有合作伙伴,特別是廣州市商務局、中國機電產品進出口商會和IDGAsia,以及參展商、觀眾和媒體一直以來的支持。我們期待著充滿商機的2022年。


關于CE China

CE China2016 年,是IFA全球活動之一,旨在鏈接頂級品牌、營銷市場和零售商。該展會是一個充滿活力的平臺,將全球品牌與泛亞零售商融入一體。在此國際品牌不僅可以與泛亞零售商建立業務關系,通過零售商將其產品介紹給消費者,而且還可以收集消費者的反饋。


CE China 2021 cancelled


CE China 2021, scheduled for 16-18 September in Guangzhou, will not take place. International travel into China is still severely hampered by travel restrictions due to the Corona-pandemic. With the latest emergence of Covid cases in Asia, both international and Chinese companies are furthermore uncertain about their participation in international trade shows.


“Of course, this was a tough decision to make, especially since we do get a lot of positive feedback and especially international companies signaled their interest to present themselves at CE China”, said Jens Heithecker, IFA Executive Director and CE China Chairman. In fact, a German pavilion with ten German brands was already set to be part of CE China 2021.


The CE China team would like to express its sincere thanks to all partners, especially the Guangzhou Commerce Bureau, CCCME and IDG Asia, as well as to exhibitors and visitors for their continuous support. CE China is looking forward to a hopefully more light-hearted 2022 with strong business opportunities.


About CE China

Established in 2016, CE China - a global IFA event - is designed to link premium brands, important market players and retailers. The show is a vibrant platform that unites global brands with Pan-Asian retailers keen to bring new products to their customers. International brands and retailers from across Asia successfully used the show for networking and collecting feedback from consumers.

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